Did you know, Erdinger alcohol free Beer has positive health benefits?

9 September 2017

Attention all Stealth Drinkers

Why ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is so popular

Minimal alcoholic content under 0.5% vol.

An Isotonic Beer for athletes. In addition the essential vitamins B9 and B12  contained in ERDINGER Alkoholfrei have numerous positive effects on the human body.

  • Stimulates the immune system
    The positive effects of polyphenols on the immune system were examined by the Technical University of Munich in the world’s largest marathon study “Be-MaGIC”, www.bemagic-studie.de.
  • promotes physical and mental performance
  • protects against overexertion
  • helps preserve normal muscle activity
  • ensures a balanced metabolism
  • has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system


You can enjoy the benefits of Erdinger Alcohol free beer now at The Blackadder Bar and Restaurant