We are recruiting Waiting / Bar staff

30 October 2017

The Blackadder Pub and Restaurant, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, TD10 6XA

Head Waiter / Bar staff 

To deliver superior Customer Service –  ensure absolute customer satisfaction,

To assist with :-

Maintaining the condition of beer and wine – Enforce and offer the best quality of products possible. Making sure the cellar, lines and pumps are in good clean working condition. Checking dates of produce etc.

Regular stock-takes and ordering as necessary – Keeping a well stocked bar, Control costs and cut waste.

Handling deliveries – Receiving and monitoring deliveries. Flagging short falls.

Adhere to health and safety rules – Monitoring safe working practices, keeping the premises safe for staff and patrons.

Adhering to budgets, planning for concepts and events that add value.

Successfully promote and publicize the brand – build good relationship with and encourage return customers.  Encourage and respond to Customer Reviews.


Please email CV’s to info@theblackadderhotel.com